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December 3, 2023
December 3, 2023

Journaling is a practice that’s truly changed my life (and my biz!) for the better.

When we take the time to reflect and connect with ourselves, we gain clarity, insight, and inspiration that can lead us to our deepest truths.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you 30 journal prompts that will help you build a personal brand that’s aligned, authentic, and powerful AF!

I was doing Day 2 of Vlogmas (it’s a daily YouTube Christmas challenge—don’t ask LOL) and got the idea to write this post because I ended up going through some of my old journals and realized how impactful they were in shaping my online business, personal brand, and identity as a creator.

Journaling not only helps us get to know ourselves on a deeper level, but it also allows us to tap into our creativity and intuition.

That’s right love, it’s time to go deeeeeeeeeeep.

So, grab a pretty journal that makes you feel inspired and we’ll dive right in!

30 Journal Prompts to Turn Your Personal Brand Into an Empire in 2024

1) What is your unique magic that you plan to share with the world?

2) What does your “PINCH ME, I’M DREAMING” life look like? Describe it in detail.

3) What aspects of your brand journey are you most grateful for?

4) If fear was not a factor, what *ridiculous* goals would you set for your brand?

5) What’s your signature style that makes your brand unmistakably you?

6) How do you empower yourself in your personal and professional lives?

7) How do you radiate positivity through your online presence?

8) What are the deepest desires of your heart, and how do they shape your aspirations for your brand?

9) What bold move are you dreaming of making that could transform your brand?

10) Visualize a day of joyful achievements. What does it look like for you and your brand?

11) Imagine your potential is limitless. What extraordinary things would you achieve?

12) How do your passions align with your purpose in your brand’s journey?

13) What is the unique voice of your brand, and how does it echo your deepest truths?

14) Describe a dream of yours that’s so dazzling, it gives you goosebumps just thinking about it.

15) What does being brave mean to you in the context of building your empire?

16) What uncharted territories are you excited to explore with your brand?

17) What wisdom do you bring from your life experiences to channel into your brand?

18) What creative projects are you most fired up about?

19) What experiences make you feel the most fulfilled?

20) What does soulful success look like in your personal branding journey?

21) Describe a euphoric moment you envision in your career’s future.

22) How do you ensure your brand is authentically aligned with your true self?

23) Where are the dreamy destinations your brand will take you to?

24) Imagine a breathtaking breakthrough for your brand. What does it entail?

25) How do you find harmony in the hustle of building your brand?

26) What beliefs are blossoming within you as you grow your brand?

27) Describe a “miracle moment” that you wish to manifest in your professional life.

28) What wisdom do you wish to gain and share through your brand’s journey?

29) Imagine your brand’s rise to success as a sunrise. What colors, feelings, and hopes does it bring?

30) What kind of legacy do you want to leave with your brand?

Thanks for reading! Talk to you very soon.

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