My Journey: From Misfit To Entrepreneur

sam's story

I am the CEO of Transit of Pluto, a content marketing agency that I founded in April 2021. I joke that I am married to my company because I am so in love with the work I do.

I created a soul-aligned trajectory for my life and business, and I am ready to help you do the same.

But my reality wasn't always so magical.

I was born and raised in Pensacola, a notoriously conservative town in Florida. For context, I am a bisexual, socially liberal woman who faces regular mental health struggles.

As you can probably imagine, I didn't fit in when I was growing up. I was the "weird girl" in school that few people talked to. I was always odd and creative, but it wasn't until I became an adult that I realized being different was a superpower.

Just a few years ago, I was fresh out of college and broke. I had no idea what I was doing with my life. I had lots of desires, but my dream life felt like exactly that—a pipe dream.

I was in my early 20s, working in marketing and living paycheck to paycheck. I drowned my emotions in alcohol, unhealthy food, and irresponsible spending habits. I was addicted to my phone and social media. I numbed myself with constant stimulation because I was afraid of what would happen if I stopped and felt my feelings.

Then came Transit of Pluto. In astrology, a Pluto transit is a once-in-a-lifetime event that occurs when the planet Pluto changes signs. This transit represents a major turning point, and it's often associated with death and rebirth.

That's what the name "Transit of Pluto" meant to me. I left my old life behind, went all-in on my entrepreneurial dream, and never looked back. My life transformed from the inside out. 

Now, I spend my days serving my clients and supporting the nine talented souls on my team—but I also enjoy cooking, working out, reading, and traveling in my spare time. It's all about balance, baby.

So, how is all this relevant to you?

Well, it's taken me years to get to where I am today. I've made a lot of mistakes, but I've also had some incredible successes. I want to share my journey with you in the hopes that it will inspire you to create a life you can't wait to wake up to every morning.

You don't have to wait for permission or someone else's approval. Never forget—you are the architect.