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How to Write a Self-Love Letter + Free Printable Template!

If you’ve been feeling bad about yourself lately, you should write a self-love letter.

Maybe you just went through a bad breakup, or perhaps you just had the worst day of your life. If you’re feeling down, it’s a great time to write yourself a love letter.

Self-love is crucial for your overall emotional wellbeing. Treating yourself with love and respect is not selfish. In fact, it will be much more difficult to sustain long-term happiness if you don’t love yourself.

If you’re looking for a simple way to practice self-love, try writing yourself a love letter.

self-love graphicA self-love letter will serve as a written reminder to be kind to yourself.

Words are powerful, especially if they’re handwritten. Even if you feel worthless and terrible about yourself today, that’s just your current perception. It’s not reality.

Instead of focusing on your flaws or mistakes, you can celebrate your positive traits by writing yourself a love letter.

Think of it as an act of kindness to yourself.

You can look at your letter to cheer yourself up on bad days.

As you remember the things that make you beautiful, special, and worthy of love, you’ll become more resilient. The bad days won’t feel so horrible. Your negative feelings toward yourself will no longer overshadow your amazing qualities.

If you just had a really awful day, make sure you also check out my post on 10 positive things to remember on bad days.

Your letter will remind you that you deserve to be loved.

From surviving multiple toxic relationships, I’ve learned that the people who are supposed to love me might not always treat me the way I deserve to be treated.

I’ve asked myself, “What did I do so wrong?”

The emotional abuse made me think I was a terrible person. I felt like I wasn’t worthy of love.

If you’re going through something similar, writing yourself a love letter will remind you that you do deserve love! You don’t need someone else to love you. Instead, you can learn to love yourself.

Self-love is the most stable form of love in existence because you don’t have to rely on anyone else to give it to you. Because self-love comes from within, you can sustain it by yourself.

You’re not unlovable, I promise. You can show yourself some affection right now by writing yourself a love letter!

You can write your own self-love letter or use the template I created for you!

I’m not always the biggest fan of templates. I like to let my creativity flow freely. However, I know everyone’s different, and some people prefer the structure of a template. So, I created a free self-love letter printable for you to download!

I created the template as a guide. You don’t have to use it, but if you find yourself saying, “I don’t love anything about myself,” I suggest you download the template to help you.

Download the template below, or read the self-love letter I wrote a few years ago if you need some inspiration.

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Here’s the love letter I wrote to myself back in 2017, when I first tried this exercise:

Dear Samantha,

I am sorry for doubting you. Ever since you were young, you have always been special. You’ve always been a thinker. You were never the most talkative person in the room, but that’s okay because you knew when to speak and when to listen. You are a dreamer, and a great one at that. You set the bar high and work hard to achieve your goals.

You are beautiful, even though you don’t always believe it. You have a good heart, and you care so much for your loved ones. You are so passionate, and your passions will take you far as long as you don’t let self-doubt get in the way.

You have been through so much, but your experiences have only made you stronger. The bad times have taught you to be tough, and the good ones have taught you to love life. 

Your independence is a quality that makes you special. You have that drive to succeed, that desire to do great things and make something of yourself. Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle. Shine on, girlfriend.

You are destined to make a great difference in the world, and I know you will. You are a giving daughter, granddaughter, relative, and friend. Keep your head up. The hard times are only temporary. Happiness and success are at the end of the tunnel. You just have to work hard to get there.



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Have you ever written a self-love letter? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!

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