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15 Vision Board Tutorials to Help You Manifest Anything You Want!

Have you created your 2020 vision board yet? Did you know that vision boards can help you manifest your dream life?

Visualization is one of the most powerful ways to achieve success. When you can see everything you want right in front of you, your confidence and determination will soar. You will do everything you can to reach the dream life you designed.

Here are some examples of what a vision board can look like!



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As you can see, a vision board can be as complicated or as simple as you want—as long as it’s uniquely yours, it will be powerful!

Still not convinced? Read additional benefits of vision boards below.

How a vision board works

1. It clarifies your dreams.

To be successful at anything, you have to have a clear plan of where you want to end up. A vision board helps you fix your ideas in a tangible visual representation.

When you look at it every day, you will remember your end goal, and you will know what you need to do in your day to make baby steps toward achieving your dreams.

Big goals take time to accomplish, but a little progress each day makes a big difference. Your vision board will keep you on track so you can manifest your dream life.

2. It motivates you.

There will be times when you feel like giving up. You’ll ask yourself, “What’s the point?”

Your vision board will answer that question for you by reminding you why you started. You will look at it and feel motivated to keep trying.

3. It puts you in a positive mindset.

A vision board will work wonders for your mindset. It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel. Even on your worst days, you can look at the vision board and remember that better things are about to come your way.

4. It helps you fulfill your greatest potential.

When you’re in a good mindset and focused on your goals, you will be able to reach your full potential. The vision board will act as your guide in life that keeps you on track.

5. It boosts your confidence and self-image.

If you can visualize the amazing life that lies ahead, you will feel more confident in your skills. You’ll know that you can achieve anything as long as you work for it!

Your vision board will give you the boldness you need to take more risks and do things that no one else can do. You will be invincible!

Ready to make your 2020 vision board? Check out the tutorials below for some serious inspo!

Follow these vision board tutorials to manifest anything you want in life!


1. How to Make a Vision Board that Really Works (in 5 Simple Steps)

by Self Made Ladies

I love this how-to because it goes really in-depth on how to clarify your dreams, choose the right images, and use the vision board once it’s finished.

Mia, the creator of the post, is an author and transformational coach who specializes in helping women achieve their goals. You can trust that her tutorial will help you create your own powerful vision board!

Click here to check out the tutorial!

2. 5 Things to Do Before You Make a Vision Board

by Thrive Lounge

Before you create your vision board, it’s important to reflect upon your past achievements and figure out what you want to do next. This tutorial suggests a few questions you should ask yourself as you prepare to create your vision board.

The creator of Thrive Lounge, Chantl, has an inspiring story about how a vision board turned her life around! This proves that vision boards really do work.

Click here to check out the tutorial!

3. How to Create A Powerful Vision Board | Manifest Your Dream Life

by FamLee of Four

This is a helpful step-by-step tutorial that guides you through the vision board creation process. If you aren’t sure where to start, you will know what to do after reading Darla’s tutorial!

In the post, Darla also shares her own vision board that she created! Hers turned out awesome. I love how she wrote specific goals for her blog. When you write down concrete goals, you are more likely to achieve them!

Click here to check out the tutorial!

4. The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Your 2020 Vision Board

by Six Figure Femme

If you can’t find the motivation to achieve your goals, or you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, check out this vision board tutorial!

Tabitha’s tutorial makes creating a vision board fun. She’s super relatable, and I love how she made looking at her vision board a part of her morning routine!

Click here to check out the tutorial!

5. How to Create a Vision Board That Actually Works + FREE 5-Day Challenge to Create a Vision Board

by Daring Living

I’m the type of person who enjoys structured challenges. If you’re the same way, you’ll love this vision board tutorial! Shirley, the creator of Daring Living, made a 5-day challenge for people who want to create intentional vision boards.

Shirley is a certified life coach who is passionate about helping people achieve their goals! She is super knowledgable, and she provides specific tips on how you can make your vision board manifest.

Click here to check out the tutorial!

6. How to Create the Perfect Vision Board

by The Olden Chapters

Sarah’s easy step-by-step tutorial walks you through choosing your goals and finding images to represent them on your vision board. I love how she starts her tutorial by setting a personal mission statement. That’s a great way to hyper-focus on the life goals that are most important to you!

Sarah is a rockstar student and a master at goal-setting, so check out her tutorial if you need inspiration!

Click here to check out the tutorial!

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7. 4 Easy Ways to Make a Digital Vision Board + Free Printable Quotes!

by Searching for Better

Vision boards can be physical or digital. If your goals change often and you’d like to be able to edit your vision board, consider making a digital version. This tutorial will help you do that!

Giulia shares a few tools that are easy to use for digital vision board creation, even if you’re not a designer. She also has some fun inspirational quotes that you can download and use for your vision board or print out for your wall!

Click here to check out the tutorial!

8. Vision Board Printables

by Wondermom Wannabe

Here are some more printables you can use for your vision board! I love the words Corinne chose for these printables she created. Super empowering!

Corinne’s tutorial is easy to follow, even if you’re not a crafter by nature. You can just print out her beautifully designed text and paste it onto your vision board.

Click here to check out the tutorial!

9. How to Create a Vision Board That Works

by Sorey Fitness

This post provides more proof that vision boards work! And I love the idea of putting a date on your vision board. That way, you can see how quickly good things can happen.

Kim and Kalee are a mom-daughter power duo with tons of workouts and healthy eating tips on their blog. If fitness is one of the things you’re putting on your vision board, you should check out some of their posts for inspiration!

Click here to check out the tutorial!

10. Start Your 30s the Right Way: How to Host a Vision Board Party

by Cherish 365

Forget the club! To me, a vision board making party sounds way more fun. I love this post because it provides a positive and uplifting perspective on turning 30. An incredible way to celebrate another decade of life!

Jennifer’s tutorial is so fun, and it makes me want to throw a vision board making party of my own, even though I’m not 30 just yet. 😉

Click here to check out the tutorial!

11. How to Make a Vision Board That Works

by It’s All You Boo

Yay, more free printables! This guest post by Ester Lindsey goes in-depth on how you can make a vision board that will help you manifest anything you want.

Click here to check out the tutorial!

12. How to Create a Vision Board to Manifest with the Law of Attraction

by Prana XO

“You can’t manifest positive things from a negative standpoint. It just doesn’t work that way.”

I love the positivity in this post! And it uses photos to show you how to create your own vision board in Canva. It can’t get much easier than that.

Click here to check out the tutorial!

13. Create a Stunning Vision Board to Take Your Business to the Next Level

by Everyday She’s Sparkling

Did you know you can also create a vision board for your business? In this guest post by business consultant Jo Nguyen, Jo talks about how you can achieve your entrepreneurial goals using a vision board. Pretty cool, right?

Click here to check out the tutorial!

14. Vision Board: The Ultimate Guide

by SweetPlanit

I love the examples of vision boards Nancy included in her post. She also shares some ideas for different categories to include on your vision board. The categories help a lot with the brainstorming process!

Nancy is passionate about helping people plan their dream lives. Check out her blog if you’re ready to get organized and achieve your goals!

Click here to check out the tutorial!

15. How to Create a Vision Board in Your Bullet Journal

by Diary of a Journal Planner

Here’s an amazing example of a vision board that lives inside a bullet journal. If you’re a bujo fanatic and you want to put your vision board in your journal, read this post.

Click here to check out the tutorial!

Thanks for reading!

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