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Why self-love is crucial for your business and career

Why Self-Love is Crucial for Your Business and Career (Ep. 2)

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Show notes

Welcome to the Dream & Thrive Podcast!

I created this episode to remind ambitious and entrepreneurially minded people to love themselves first.

In today’s episode, I discuss why self-love is a key component of a successful career. If you want to get your next promotion, land your dream job, or turn your passion into a sustainable business, you have to love yourself!

Think of self-love as the glue that holds everything together when you’re faced with challenges in your personal or professional life. To learn exactly why you need self-love to succeed, listen to the episode!

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Thanks for listening! 🖤

Important moments

1:08 – My definition of self-love.

1:30 – Why you need to focus on yourself and your own journey in life.

2:25 – The truth about my social media use.

3:15 – The relationship between confidence and self-love.

3:55 – How I struggled with self-confidence when I first started out as a content creator.

5:52 – Why not all criticism is bad.

6:35 – My story about the crazy drawing teacher I had in college.

7:40 – How lack of self-love can result in less cash flow for your business.

9:00 – Why setting boundaries with your work is crucial if you want a balanced lifestyle.

11:25 – How self-love will help you achieve a higher level of self-awareness.

12:15 – You are incredible just the way you are!

12:20 – My story about the public speaking class I took in college.

13:50 – Stop comparing yourself to others!

14:20 – Why you shouldn’t care what other people think about you.

15:30 – Self-love means that it is okay to make mistakes.

16:50 – Be kind to yourself!

Powerful quotes

“If you radiate confidence, [people] will feel more comfortable buying from you.”

“If you truly love yourself and you’ve done that deep internal work to get to a place of self-acceptance and confidence in yourself, you’ll get right back up when you’re knocked down.”

“As a business owner, if you undervalue yourself, you will also undervalue your products and services, which results in less cash flow for your business.”

“You are entitled to your time off. You are entitled to your breaks. Overextending your efforts to help people might work in the short-term, but you are setting yourself up for failure in the long-term.”

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