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35 Positive Affirmations for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Heart-centered entrepreneurs, listen up! You can uplevel your life and business by incorporating these positive affirmations into your routine.

Let’s face it: it takes a backbone to run a business.

Even if you have a die-hard passion for what you do, you need to be in the right mindset if you want to grow and succeed as an entrepreneur.

A heart-centered business is one that brings good into the world. It comes from your compassion and willingness to help others.⁠ Your whole heart goes into the mission.⁠

Heart-centered business owners face a unique set of challenges. Because they’re naturally kindhearted people, they often have to shift into a stronger money mindset so they feel comfortable being compensated for their work.

Sounds like you?

Furthermore, if helping others is your #1 priority, you need to make sure you balance giving with receiving. You are worthy of gaining prosperity and success in exchange for your contributions to the world.

If you’re struggling with mindset blocks and limiting beliefs surrounding your business, I recommend incorporating affirmations into your daily practice to help you shift into “receiving mode.”

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How do affirmations work?

Repeating affirmations regularly will reinforce new or existing beliefs in your subconscious.

The best ways to use affirmations are to repeat them aloud or write them down in your journal every day. Repetition and consistency are key if you want the beliefs to stick.

If you create your own affirmations, there are a few criteria you will want to follow:

The affirmation must be in the present or past tense.
Usually, they are written in the present tense, but some manifestation coaches will tell you to write affirmations in the past tense if you are doing visualization work. In the case of these heart-centered affirmations, I would recommend writing them in the present tense.

The affirmation must be a positive statement.
For example, you would say “I am” instead of “I am not.” Positive statements are more powerful because they are created from a mindset of abundance instead of scarcity.

When you create the affirmation, hone in on the way it makes you feel.
Emotions are powerful manifesting forces, and affirmations are designed to surface feelings from within you. When you focus on those emotions, the affirmations will “come true” in your mind more quickly and with less resistance.

Surrender to the affirmation as much as possible.
It’s completely normal to feel some resistance to the beliefs you’re trying to affirm. Whenever possible, prevent yourself from arguing with the positive affirmations. Instead, surrender to them and allow them to come true.

The effects of positive self-talk vs. negative self-talk

Positive self-talk empowers you to succeed, and negative self-talk holds you back way more than you probably realize.

Self-talk is simply the way you speak to yourself.

  • Do you encourage yourself when faced with a challenge, or do you tell yourself you’re not good enough to overcome it?
  • When you make a mistake, are you compassionate with yourself or do you beat yourself up?
  • Do you tell yourself you’re beautiful, or do you criticize every perceived flaw on your body?

When you speak to yourself a certain way, you attract more of that energy into your reality. That’s why it’s so important to use positive self-talk, especially as an entrepreneur!

Your mind is constantly trying to prove you right.

When you make a positive statement, your brain is wired to seek out evidence that the claim is true. 

However, when you say something negative, your brain will also try to find proof to support the negative statement.

Positivity trains your brain to look for the good in every situation. This is paramount for business owners, and especially for heart-centered entrepreneurs.

So, the next time something goes wrong in your business, choose to be kind to yourself. That compassion will translate into positive, aligned actions that support your mission instead of sabotaging it.

And remember, there is no fatal mistake. Ever. The comeback is always stronger than the setback. Don’t give up!

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Use these heart-centered affirmations for entrepreneurs and business owners:

1. I believe in my vision.

2. I radiate positivity.

3. I am confident in my ability to help others.

4. I prioritize my business and its mission.

5. I have all the power I need within me.

6. I trust myself and my intuition.

7. I am open to all possibilities.

8. I am grateful for the ability to make money doing what I love.

9. I am grateful for every opportunity that comes my way.

10. I am worthy of the success I desire.

11. I am worthy of a business that brings me joy.

12. I work hard because I love what I do.

13. I embody the values of my business.

14. I create an authentic brand for my business.

15. I align my personal goals with my business goals.

16. I am constantly expanding beyond my comfort zone.

17. I am intentional with my time.

18. I acknowledge that the present moment is my most pivotal point of power.

19. I create habits that support my goals as a heart-centered entrepreneur.

20. I let go of things that do not serve my mission as a heart-centered entrepreneur.

21. I wake up every morning and embody my highest self.

22. I am capable of guiding my emotions to avoid self-sabotage.

23. I am capable of overcoming any challenge I face.

24. I am talented enough to make money doing what I love.

25. I increase my income each month.

26. I make more money when I have fun.

27. I lead by example.

28. I am a thought leader.

29. I inspire the people in my community.

30. I make a positive impact on the world through my work.

31. I am committed to helping my community.

32. I love transforming the lives of my clients.

33. I show up consistently to serve my community.

34. I make my business better and better each day.

35. I am ready to do more, give more, and receive more.

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