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100 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas for 2020

Do you want to create some badass lifestyle blog content in 2020? Are you having some trouble coming up with post ideas?

If the answer to either of the above statements is “yes,” keep reading!

I know it can be hard to come up with ideas on what to write. The “lifestyle” niche is so broad that it can sometimes be overwhelming to decide on specific blog post topics.

Below is a list of lifestyle blog post ideas that you can use this year to create some awesome content:

  1. Product review
  2. Recipe
  3. Tutorial/DIY
  4. 2020 bucket list
  5. What’s in your bag?
  6. What’s on your desk?
  7. Haul of products you have bought
  8. A roundup of your favorite blog posts on a topic of your choice
  9. Your favorite quotes or mantras
  10. A post about something you collect! (Makeup, postage stamps, quarters, etc.)
  11. Your favorite stores/restaurants/hangout spots in your hometown (or the town you currently live in)
  12. A travel guide of a destination you have visited
  13. Your favorite high-end makeup products
  14. Your favorite drugstore makeup products
  15. Your skincare routine
  16. Your morning/night routine
  17. One of your recent outfits
  18. Create a video and share it on your blog!
  19. How you practice self-care
  20. A post about a day in your life
  21. Random facts about you
  22. A collection of your favorite Instagram accounts
  23. Talk about one of your favorite boutiques and share some outfits from it!
  24. A story about something that impacted you or changed your life
  25. If you have a pet, post about it!
  26. The story behind your blog name
  27. Why you blog
  28. What you like and dislike about blogging
  29. Your dream travel destinations
  30. An embarrassing story
  31. Things you can’t live without
  32. Current trends you like or dislike
  33. Music playlist post
  34. Book review
  35. Movie review
  36. Share what you did over the weekend!
  37. Create a wish list collage
  38. Create a vision or mood board and share it
  39. Things that inspire you
  40. Best advice you’ve received in life and why
  41. Interview another blogger
  42. Interview someone important to you
  43. Highs and lows of the year
  44. Go-to meals that you love
  45. A giveaway or sweepstakes
  46. Do an FAQ or advice column
  47. Complete a blogging challenge
  48. Create a blogging challenge
  49. Your thoughts on horoscopes
  50. Do you keep a journal? Share one of your entries!
  51. Favorite or least favorite things about the current season
  52. Your best productivity tips
  53. A “behind the scenes” of your content creation process
  54. Create a guide on a topic you’re an expert on
  55. Try a subscription box and review it
  56. What do you do to stay fit?
  57. Share a blogging traffic/income report
  58. A list of your current favorite products on Amazon
  59. How you stay positive
  60. How you organize your makeup/jewelry/clothing
  61. Your money saving strategies
  62. Create a printable and share it
  63. Personality traits you are proud of
  64. Share some childhood memories
  65. Your thoughts on tattoos or piercings
  66. Share a timeline of your day
  67. Your best or worst habits
  68. Talk about some of your biggest pet peeves
  69. Your success secrets
  70. Get someone to guest post on your blog
  71. Definitions for common terms in your niche
  72. What’s your favorite holiday?
  73. What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
  74. Share some of your monthly or yearly goals
  75. What are some of your guilty pleasures?
  76. Date night ideas
  77. What’s your favorite way to spend time alone?
  78. Your go-to lipstick or nail polish color
  79. Are you more of a budget or luxury gal?
  80. What do you eat for breakfast?
  81. Bust some common myths in your niche
  82. What are some of your favorite apps?
  83. Are you married? Write about your wedding!
  84. If you’re not married, write about your dream wedding!
  85. Who are your favorite YouTubers?
  86. What do you like to snack on during the day?
  87. What are some of your hobbies?
  88. Things you learned in college
  89. Share some of your favorite blogging equipment
  90. Share some good dupes for high-end products
  91. Gift guide for an upcoming holiday
  92. Share a collage of makeup or fashion looks you love
  93. Share some of your house/apartment cleaning tips
  94. Do a room or house tour with lots of pictures!
  95. What are your thoughts on reality TV?
  96. Do you enjoy drinking? Share some of your favorite cocktails.
  97. Party planning tips
  98. How do you organize your to-do list?
  99. What is your favorite social media platform and why?
  100. Do you write sponsored posts for brands? If so, share some tips!

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